Wedding Public relations: How To Maximize Your Wedding Media Coverage

You've scored a great piece of wedding press - the kind you know could help attract higher-caliber clientele or make the difference in closing your next sale. Perhaps your wedding photography was published in the glossies of your favorite wedding magazine or you were honored with an industry award. All reasons to celebrate and embrace your accomplishments - but what's next?

After the confetti has settled, it's critical to extend the value of that achievement through a two-fold approach (there are always more, but these are essentials!) In other words - milk it.


Sharing on social media within a few days of being published can help sustain the initial spike (which you may see in your Google Analytics). Longer-term, you have a piece of content to share in your regular rotation. It becomes something you can keep in your back pocket for a rainy day, or during a time when the wedding season has slowed down and you may have less to share with followers. Thinking of your press wins as evergreen content can truly help you maintain a steady cadence of relevancy within your network.

Be sure to give credit to the publication and writer through proper tagging, giving them a nod to their hard work and your appreciation for being included. Be intentional but also inclusive when hashtagging and be sure to credit the photographer of any images you use!

Finally, consider sharing press coverage with your newsletter subscribers, to keep them engaged through relevant updates about what your brand has been up to lately. 


Show your best self - we've all heard that. Being validated by the industry is a great way to showcase your expertise and leadership to prospects (and may just help you close a sale). It is important that your website reflects a carefully curated selection of your press coverage - the pieces you are most proud of and tell your story the best. 

Dedicate a space on your website to showcase these achievements and accolades. Check the media kits of major media outlets and industry blogs for a badge you can use to display your coverage, or request one through an email to the editor or advertising team.

Rinse & Repeat

Every time, for every stellar piece of coverage. Another value-add for organic press? Links. If your brand is included in an online feature with a link back to your website, it will be indexed by Google, giving your brand an instant boost in search rankings. Every link is important, and with each press hit, your brand will gain increased awareness and authority. You'll quickly be able to see which outlets are bringing quality leads back to your website (through Google Analytics), which can help you refine your strategy and focus in on creating content specifically for those outlets.

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