A Guide to Developing Your Ideal Client Persona

How well do you know your ideal client? More importantly - are you reaching them effectively? Are they interpreting your wedding brand the way you intended?

Understanding your ‘ideal’ client ensures that your marketing approach is rooted in research and is positioned to help you attract qualified, promising business leads (the kind you look forward to working with most).

With the wedding season coming to a close and holiday engagements approaching, leverage the opportunity to reflect and reinforce your brand positioning and marketing strategy.

For example, say you’re are a wedding dress boutique owner in the suburbs of Connecticut. Your private shop has won a few local awards and has a strong referral base from many happy brides. You’re ready to take on a few new designers that you hope will draw in a new clientele with a more distinguished style. Getting back to your ‘ideal’ bride - who is she? Time to develop a layered persona of your ideal client.

Grab a notepad and get started. Begin with the basics but get beyond traditional demographics (age, location, economic status, job, etc…)

Think about her personal style and characteristics first, and her behavior second.

  • How would her friends describe her personality?

  • What does she wear on a weekday, running errands? Where is she shopping or what brands does she covet most?

  • How does she spend her weekends?

  • While planning her wedding, is she browsing wedding magazines or blogs? Which ones match her style?

  • What brands does she follow on Instagram?

  • Where is she vacationing?

  • What is she reading on the flight there?

  • What music is playing in her earbuds?

Then, determine what makes your business the perfect place for that bride based on her pain points. How can you fulfill her needs in a way that no other bridal boutique can? Is she working a 60-hour week and has limited time to spend on the weekends shopping? Does her budget pose a challenge? Is she having trouble identifying her unique style? Has she had a negative experience shopping thus far?

Take a look at that notepad you’re holding - it is full of valuable insight. Identify commonalities, connections and attributes between all your notes and begin to shape the persona of your ideal client. By creating that profile with specific attributes, behaviors and traits, you can identify any gaps in your marketing strategy and leverage opportunities to communicate with that ideal client more effectively.

The bridal shop owner found that “Marissa” is a 31 year old marketing director who lives in Connecticut with her fiance and dachshund. She reads two things every morning over green tea on her iPhone: The New York Times business section and a lifestyle newsletter covering current events and culture. She commutes to Manhattan in her Jeep (which also takes her to and from the Hamptons where her family has a summer cottage). Her workday ends with a Vinyasa yoga class in the city. She grabs a latte at a local shop that brews fair trade coffee before heading home for the evening, listening to Spotify's indie-rock lineup. She has always dreamed of a week in London spent getting lost in old bookstores and having afternoon tea. She has planned a wedding for 120 closest loved ones at a historic garden estate in upstate NY in June.

Being able to visualize “Marissa” at the core of her marketing efforts, this boutique owner can better position her brand to attract brides just like her who represent other qualified buyers.

This exercise is one many marketing professionals have encouraged clients to consider. Take time to deeply understand your ideal client from multiple viewpoints. You can also use these insights to influence the content you post on social media and the messaging on your website.

*This post was conceptualized by Samantha Spica, a valuable member of the In Good Company team

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