Finding the Right Wedding PR Firm For Your Business

Perhaps you’ve been curious about how your competitors are landing such great media coverage in the magazines and blogs you read everyday. Or, maybe, you’re working on some great projects this wedding season, but are ready to attract a more distinguished clientele.

A strong public relations strategy can help you achieve your greater marketing goals and lead to new and exciting opportunities for growth.

Considering when the right time is to hire a publicist is equally as important as who you bring on board - both have a heavy impact on your success. We’re here to help you navigate that process by sharing some of our insights working with creative wedding professionals and lifestyle brands, to give you the tools needed to feel confident during your search for the perfect PR partner.

Partner up once your brand is at its best. PR should enhance your overall business strategy, rather than be used a mechanism for reinvention. Meaning, if you’re considering a rebrand or an expansion of your services, make sure it’s done before bringing on a PR partner. Understanding your story, what makes you distinctly unique from your competitors and how you contribute to the industry in a creative way is essential; it will provide the framework for a well-designed and informed PR strategy.

Understand the media landscape (even just a little). Familiarize yourself with the publications you envision your name and your work being published in. What types of Real Weddings are they sharing? How are industry experts highlighted in their content? What type of stories do you connect with? Especially in the wedding and lifestyle industry, mainstream blogs and magazines lead with a strong identity, supported by a community of readers who crave their content. Those readers may very well represent the clientele you’d like to work with. Thus, it’s important to have a sense of what publications you feel most inspired by - we call it a client’s ‘wish list.’ It’s what keeps us focused and guides our approach for each unique public relations program.

Know your goals and build your assets. Understand what your ultimate goals are and what a successful PR partnership looks like for you. Perhaps it’s to build awareness locally ahead of a launch or special event, or to increase your position as a national leader within the wedding industry, recognized for your creative vision and design capabilities. Appreciating the difference between the two approaches, and what type of coverage will benefit your bottom-line most.

Likewise, the most prosperous press campaigns are those that can sustain themselves, with a steady cadence of media and blog coverage. That’s only possible if you’re bringing a strong set of ‘newsworthy’ assets to the table (for instance, a strong and varied collection of wedding work, unique expertise and commentary on design trends, notable work / company projects that relate to the larger industry, etc…) Your PR partner will work with you to develop some of these elements as your engagement continues, but it’s always a great way to kick off a press push by having some content buttoned up and ready to offer the media.

Trust your PR partner and contribute to the pursuit of your goals. No one knows your business as intimately as you do. You’re the founder, the visionary, the backbone of your brand.

A great PR partner will enhance those virtues you’ve established and communicate them to the right people, bringing new opportunities for growth. Be open to fortifying a trustworthy relationship, built on constant communication and collaboration between your teams to discuss new developments, campaign ideas and initiatives.

Regardless of whether you’re working with a large agency with multiple team members or a small boutique firm with just a few consultants, your PR partner should be committed to adopting your mission and voice, acting as a natural extension of your brand. But managing inbound requests with ease, and providing useful marketing strategy is just the start. Your PR team should be proactively pitching your unique story and expertise on a regular basis, with customized angles for each editor at the outlets you’ve identified together as your key targets.

Eventually, you may come to think of your PR partner more like an internal team member, rather than an outsourced firm - the kind of relationship we strive for in our practice.

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