The Ideal Email Marketing Newsletter for Your Wedding & Lifestyle Business

Email marketing is one of the most personal ways to nurture relationships directly with your wedding and lifestyle clients and new connections. Maintain a personal connection and show them you’ve created this content, just for them. Use email to cultivate a community that is eager to hear from you. Avoid the advertising sales pitch and, instead, embrace the value you can provide.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking at a local Rising Tide Society monthly gathering, focused on email marketing essentials for creative professionals. We so enjoyed the lively conversation and knowledge exchange - inspiring and energizing. Today, we are sharing a short guide, for wedding and lifestyle brands to leverage email marketing in a way that complements their marketing efforts online and through social media.

- The Ideal Email Newsletter -

Keep things concise: 20 lines of text — or about 200 words — results in the highest email click-through rate for most industries.

Stay on-brand: Use a clear, consistent email design every time, with your brand palette, logo, typeface and imagery. Save time by reusing past templates and then personalize the content for each campaign.

Create great content with a clear call to action: Operate according to the 'quality over quantity' mantra - your email newsletter shouldn't be long or overworked. It should feel like a snapshot of interesting findings, updates and personal commentary that engages your reader. 

You’ll likely use email marketing to send two types of emails; non-promotional updates, and time-sensitive promotions.

  • Non-promotional emails: Used to nurture customer/client relationships through more 'neutral' content, as opposed to a coupon, sales offer or business push. When creating this type of email, think about your target market; What do they want to learn? What are their pain points? Consider sharing:

    • A snippet from a new blog post, with a link to the post on your website / a short guide (example: Tips to designing your first gallery wall, Winter floral guide for home arrangements, Invitation + place card inspiration for your next dinner party, etc...)

    • Press/Media coverage link

    • New work / portfolio additions *rather than sharing photos from a couple's wedding, try some behind-the-scenes photos of a new venue or the design process behind a stunning tablescape

    • Curated resources + interesting findings from influencers, media and blogs relevant to your community

  • Time-sensitive emails: Used to drive sales and gain new business. Far more incentive-based than the non-promotional email, this approach should be used thoughtfully to create interest for:

    • Special offers / holiday sales

    • New Product Promotion

    • Event Promotion & ticketing

Regardless of how you grow your base, always commit to highlighting the benefits of joining your email list. Make it as easy as possible for someone to sign up - put a link in your email signature and on your website. Design an opt-in form that is beautifully branded and works seamlessly with your website integration. Promote your newsletter through social media, sparingly but intentionally, to complete the full marketing cycle.

A few final cardinal rules; be consistent / be accessible / provide value / get permission *always

Considering a marketing partner for your wedding or lifestyle business? We'd love to hear more