International Women's Month: The Founders Behind the Brands We Admire In Weddings + Lifestyle

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We don’t believe in luck. We believe in good fortune and really hard work. We are constantly inspired by the pursuits of many women entrepreneurs we have the opportunity to collaborate with. In honor of International Women’s Month, we are thrilled to celebrate our clients and the women behind some of the brands we admire most in weddings and lifestyle.

Alexia Brue & Melisse Gelula: Well + Good

In 2010, Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula, founders Well + Good introduced the Nation to a new holistic approach to health and wellness. No more scouring the web on our own for the newest sustainably made and stylish athletic wear or the best mood-boosting herbal supplements. What originated as a niche publication in New York City, Well + Good quickly became the ultimate healthy lifestyle authority, trendspotting the best and most useful advice from beauty influencers, medical experts, fitness leaders, celeb nutritionists and more. As the blog gained quick attention for its thoughtfully curated content, expert guidance and refreshing perspectives, Alexia and Melisse maintained the integrity of their brand’s vision (turning down countless investor offers in the process). Today, Well+ Good has not only become a coveted resource for Millennial readers, but has contributed to the wider cultural shift towards more mindful living - cheers to that!

Yael Aflalo: Reformation

When Yael was a young model in Los Angeles, she found herself being asked questions about fast fashion’s harmful impact on the environment - an issue that had gone unaddressed for far too long. In 2009, Reformation was born from the glaring need for a fashion brand that prioritized ethical manufacturing and sustainability, without sacrificing an ounce of style. And as if we weren’t already head-over-heels for the effortless ready-to-wear line, Reformation’s bridal collection features gorgeous two-piece ensembles and floor length gowns for brides and their squad. Yael has mastered the balance between the ‘slow-fashion’ movement and ethical manufacturing with designs that are loved by cool-girls worldwide. As a leader for her the business, Yael stays close to the design process with her L.A team daily, and keeps the mission of soulful sustainability as the driving force behind each new collection. We are inspired by women who lead a purpose-driven career, and Yael is certainly at the top of that list.

Sarah Dubbeldam: Darling Magazine

Created to celebrate the art of every woman, Darling Magazine was created by Sarah Dubbeldam to feed the souls of women who share a purposeful pursuit in some aspect of their lives, and encourage readers to discover her fullest potential. At a critical junction after graduating from college, Sarah and her closest friends found themselves with so many questions of ‘what’s next?’ with few sources for authentic, honest guidance. When magazine stands were overflowing with commercial lifestyle and high-fashion publications, there weren’t many that spoke to the real woman. Darling explores the many different expressions of the modern woman: the entrepreneur, the friend, the traveler, the thinker. Starting out as an online platform, the magazine quickly picked up steam. By carving a niche in an untapped market, Sarah has created an empire built with inspiring, creative and motivated women with the support of leading influencers, #girlboss celebrities and business leaders who bring depth to each narrative. Darling wants to enable women to be the best versions they can be, and with Sarah at the helm, we can’t wait to see what they do next.

We’re fueled by the qualities these women leaders share: passion, determination, grit and enthusiasm for not only what she has created, but also how she can continue to reinvent her own self and inspire other women to do the same.

*This post was conceptualized by In Good Company's smart & talented intern, Erin Cooper.

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Wedding Public relations: How To Maximize Your Wedding Media Coverage

You've scored a great piece of wedding press - the kind you know could help attract higher-caliber clientele or make the difference in closing your next sale. Perhaps your wedding photography was published in the glossies of your favorite wedding magazine or you were honored with an industry award. All reasons to celebrate and embrace your accomplishments - but what's next?

After the confetti has settled, it's critical to extend the value of that achievement through a two-fold approach (there are always more, but these are essentials!) In other words - milk it.


Sharing on social media within a few days of being published can help sustain the initial spike (which you may see in your Google Analytics). Longer-term, you have a piece of content to share in your regular rotation. It becomes something you can keep in your back pocket for a rainy day, or during a time when the wedding season has slowed down and you may have less to share with followers. Thinking of your press wins as evergreen content can truly help you maintain a steady cadence of relevancy within your network.

Be sure to give credit to the publication and writer through proper tagging, giving them a nod to their hard work and your appreciation for being included. Be intentional but also inclusive when hashtagging and be sure to credit the photographer of any images you use!

Finally, consider sharing press coverage with your newsletter subscribers, to keep them engaged through relevant updates about what your brand has been up to lately. 


Show your best self - we've all heard that. Being validated by the industry is a great way to showcase your expertise and leadership to prospects (and may just help you close a sale). It is important that your website reflects a carefully curated selection of your press coverage - the pieces you are most proud of and tell your story the best. 

Dedicate a space on your website to showcase these achievements and accolades. Check the media kits of major media outlets and industry blogs for a badge you can use to display your coverage, or request one through an email to the editor or advertising team.

Rinse & Repeat

Every time, for every stellar piece of coverage. Another value-add for organic press? Links. If your brand is included in an online feature with a link back to your website, it will be indexed by Google, giving your brand an instant boost in search rankings. Every link is important, and with each press hit, your brand will gain increased awareness and authority. You'll quickly be able to see which outlets are bringing quality leads back to your website (through Google Analytics), which can help you refine your strategy and focus in on creating content specifically for those outlets.

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Small Business Social Media Marketing: Focusing Your Energy

Looking to improve your marketing strategy? You are not alone. Unfortunately, the harsh reality remains that after an entire day (and sometimes night) of tending to the immediate needs of your business, finding the time to devote to marketing seems almost impossible. In many cases, it may seem far easier to throw money at advertising space than it is to invest the little time and effort you may have left over after the daily grind. 

The good news: starting is the hardest part. In an effort to help you get the wheels in motion, there are some ways to focus your energy and maximize your efforts.

Be honest: When assessing which channels have the most potential for growth and benefit to your business, be honest. Do you really need a YouTube channel? If you can't remember the last time you updated the content on one of your social media channels, then it may be time to part ways.

*Part II: Be honest about your bandwidth. If you are having trouble finding the time to post on three social channels, it may be time to reevaluate which efforts are actually paying off. Evaluate which you have seen the most value from and focus your efforts on those.

Be selective: With the constant pressure to have every post turn into an Instagram sensation, the pressure to have a perfectly polished social media feed can seem overwhelming. However, if you take a few moments to select the channels you will actively focus on, based on which you've seen grow and engage your network the most, the sense of anxiety may start to decrease. Narrow your vision and focus your strategy.

Be committed: My advice to all small businesses who are looking to improve their presence on social media is to dedicate a set amount of time each week to building that success. A great starting point may be to commit 2 hours every week to maintaining your activity on those channels. Setting aside that time, just like you would to go to the gym or the nail salon, may help establish a workable (and realistic) marketing routine.

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